CP Drum Studio website overhaul

The website is back up and running! More updates will be posted as we go. I have a lot in store for this page and my web presence so stay tuned!

New Amiensus EP is being worked on as we speak. It is being released on Apathia records on a date that is yet to be specified.

As of September 14th, 2016 CP drum studio is now open and available to take on new students.

Halfway Point Reached.

​The halfway point has been reached with the transcription of Steve Jordan's Vic Firth Spotlight. As a purely educational endeavor, Chris Piette has begun to create drum transcriptions of various selections of drum music. Downloads for these will be put up on the website as they become available to the general public.

Chris Piette in "MNPAS"
Vol.27/No. 1, April 2015

Chris Piette... "Relax, Be Brutal" an article that touches on the vast world of extreme metal drumming, what it requires from the player, the mentality you need and various techniques used in the playing of the music.